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Getting Retail Right P1

Article by Gavin Tagg: CEO RNS

Published on LinkedIn on 9 November 2022 & Part 2 on 15th November 2022


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Shoppers – just like shoppers the world over

On a purely human level it was wonderful to see shoppers from the surrounding township communities taking ownership of these spaces – mobile phones snapping away, Mums window-shopping, young people meeting and greeting and crowding into stores with their friends, children pressing their faces against windows to see what was happening inside – and so much more.

In other words, ‘township’ shoppers – like shoppers all over the world, doing exactly what visitors to new malls do!

Retail served on silver platters

And our retailers – some of South Africa’s best-known names  as well as exciting newcomers - serving up retail on silver platters! Because that’s what you do wherever you open a shop. The new Superspar at Elim is one such shining example as is Roots Butchery. What beautiful stores! There are many more great examples.

All the retailers we selected for these two malls did exactly what the Township Retail Investment Summit advocated: DREAM BIG and MAKE SURE YOUR SERVICE LEVELS GIVE YOUR CUSTOMERS GOOSEBUMPS.

The work we are doing on multiple township shopping centres gives me goosebumps each and every day. Every township is unique and there are challenges, but the human aspirations of our customers and the ability we have to make these communities blossom economically and psychologically binds us together in an immensely positive way.

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