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#Meet TheTeam

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GAVIN TAGG - IMG-20220922-WA0004_edited.jpg

Gavin Tagg: CEO of Retail Network Services

       Retail is one of the most exciting industries in the world. And there’s no sign of that ever changing. It’s creative, challenging, inspiring, fun, hard work, innovative, demanding, invigorating… and significantly more. It employs millions of people and gives pleasure to millions.

Who could live without it? At Retail Network Services (RNS) we honestly couldn’t. RNS has been part of retail development in South Africa for over 30 years. The industry has fired us up every single day for the past three decades.


We’ve blazed a trail, developing more than 60 retail centres for clients – from start to finish – within burgeoning new market segments. Successful and sustainable centres are our trademark. They’re the heartbeat of the communities which they serve and delight. We’re ready to partner with you to create yet another winning retail centre.


It will be a journey fuelled by our passion for retail, our unsurpassed experience, consummate professionalism, a blue-chip reputation, and our ability to unleash potential to the max.


And the final result? Let’s just say it will make your heart beat faster.


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'Individually we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.' 

Meet the Team
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Gavin Tagg

Together with my committed and highly professional team, I take great pride and immense joy in creating retail centres which become the warm heart of communities, allowing retailers to thrive and shoppers to fulfil their retail needs in safe and welcoming environments.

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Shirley Sekhu
General Assistant 

Being part of the RNS team is empowering and motivating. I started as a tea lady/cleaner in 2005. Today I’m General Assistant to the
CEO’s office and office manager. The song that epitomises RNS? “You raise me up”!

Team - Vanessa Robinson_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Vanessa Robinson
Executive Assistant 

For me RNS is #BuildingCommunities. Even though I’ve been with the company since 2014, I still consider the development of a piece of land into a magnificent centre as a mind-blowing experience. The look on the faces of the community gives me goose-bumps every single time.

Team - Antonio Agostinelli_edited_edited.jpg

Antonio Agostinelli
Leasing Executive

In my mind RNS represents opportunity and growth, not just for the team but also for the retailers, professional teams and the
communities we interface with. It’s intense work so I chill by planning a trip in my Kombi which is nearly twice the age of RNS!

'Experience. Expertise. Excellence.'

Team - Eugene Potgieter_edited.jpg

Eugene Potgieter
Leasing Executive

I joined RNS in 2009 and it still thrills me to know that by leasing retail space to a small business I am providing earning opportunities
for a family. RNS is a dynamic and resilient company. If it was a movie, it would definitely be Rocky 1.

RNS Kimeko.png

Kimeko Maritz
Leasing Assistant

The dynamic and challenges of new retail developments and the fact that each deal is uniquely different really excites me in my leasing work at RNS. I thoroughly enjoy the interaction with so many different people. When I'm not dealing with prospective retailers and leases, spending time with my family is my 'other' happy place!

Team - Wisani Mothembi_edited.jpg

Wisani Mothembi
Leasing Assistant

The fact that I’m taking on new responsibilities and learning new skills gets me out of bed in the morning. The RNS work environment is productive, results-driven and exciting.

'Unlock retail with us.'

Team - Angela Rex_edited.jpg

Angela Rex
Admin Manager

I’ve been with RNS since 2018. If I had to describe the company in terms of a song, it would be Imagine That’s “Whatever it takes” because working at RNS certainly sends adrenaline pumping through my veins!

Team - New_edited.jpg

Derek Jooste
HR Manager

When I joined RNS in 2017 I soon realised that it takes research and design very seriously in order to ensure shopping centres are successful. It makes an incredibly meaningful contribution to developing the economy though the channel of retail. We work hard and intensely at RNS so I relax by playing in an acoustic band and enjoy road running.

Team - Marjike Arran_edited.jpg

Marjike Arran 
Tenant Co-ordination

I’m known as ‘The Fixer’ but my current role as Tenant Co-ordinator is the one I really love – dealing with the tenants and professional team, seeing the project come together from the start, as just a piece of land, to the end as a fully trading shopping centre. RNS really knows how to make retail work. And if I had to describe our team in one word, it would be “WARRIORS”!

'There are no traffic jams along the extra mile. '

Team - Marietjie Van Deventer_edited.jpg

Marietjie Van Deventer
Tenant Co-ordination Assistant

Each day at RNS is a challenge. No day is the same as another. I’ve been with RNS since 2018 and the team feels like family. Although we work under pressure, it’s good pressure. I love the centre development process from start to finish.

Team - Connie Twala_edited.jpg

Connie Twala

In 1992 when RNS started, I was working at Boitumelong Pre-School. 25 years later I joined RNS. It’s an agile, daring and creative place to
work. It brings me joy to be part of the team. When I’m not at work I like to spend time with family and friends.

Team - Mitta Maleka_edited.jpg

Mitta Maleka
Office Assistant

I start each day at RNS with love. It’s an amazing and friendly place to work. When I think of our team, then I am reminded of Johnny Clegg’s
famous song, “Scatterlings of Africa”. We are successful scatterlings.

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