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For 30 years RNS has led the field as retail and leasing strategists. Here’s why …

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Our word is our bond. That’s why we have full buy-in from industry players across the board. They know with RNS on board there’s no risk.


We know how to make your projects happen with minimum stress and on target. We’ve done it before. We’re doing it again. And again.


We’ve gathered knowledge, scrutinised research, stayed on-trend and on-top. We’ve closed deals, leased retail space and implemented successful strategies across thousands of square metres of retail space.
You could say we‘re super-experienced.


We solve problems. No problem is insurmountable. We find solutions rather than say no.


We seek absolute clarity on deadlines, numbers and all criteria relating to successful delivery. If you give us this, we give you a superb end-product.


We work smarter rather than harder by planning well and getting things right the first time. Every time.


We say it the way it is. We like you to do the same.


We're inspired by retail. Inspired to create thriving centres which delight customers and where retailers trade way beyond expectations. We always have been. Always will be.


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Potential and value.  A strong and sustainable return on investment  is a non-negotiable for the stakeholders in a new retail development or a refurbished, re-tenanted centre. We understand this fully. Our experience and expertise means that we know how to optimise ROI through well-researched location choice, stunning centre design and compelling tenant mix.

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Our tenants are guided through every step of the project with real-time help and constructive advice.

But, even before this, we’re upfront in advising them if their retail concept is better suited to another market, or if we believe their space requirements should be revisited.

Our goal is to give them the best possible chance to connect with their customers in a retail space which is profitable, productive and joyous.


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In the most authentic sense of the word we partner with our client - the developer. We advise with integrity. We strategise skilfully. We project-deliver from inception to handover with the utmost attention to detail and in line with world-class project management standards.

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Focusing on the shopper at every touchpoint is vital. After all, the centre is theirs  - it becomes part of their living and their lifestyle. From community liaison to ensuring relevant retail choices, from easy access to convenient parking, from a safe and clean environment 24/7/365 to a shopping space which is always happy to receive them and which they love visiting – we make it happen for your customers.

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