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This article was published in Architect and Builder: July 2023


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With the completion of Netcare Alberton Hospital, the precinct is a hive of activity. Newmarket Lifestyle Centre is being built on a site which was for many years home to the legendary Newmarket Racetrack, known for its stunning architecture and beautiful grounds. The appointed architects, SVA International, will pay tribute to the rich history and vibrant atmosphere which filtered through the area on race days by incorporating design elements that echo what used to be there.
Newmarket Lifestyle Centre’s architecture draws inspiration from the grand pavilions that once towered over the racetrack. The entrance features are designed
to evoke the same sense of grandeur and elegance. The use of timber cladding, raw steel and earthy colour tones is reminiscent of materials found in the stables and barns on the grounds.

One of the most striking features of the centre is the use of natural light. The racetrack was known for its exceptional gardens, and Newmarket Lifestyle Centre is
designed to emulate that same sense of openness to nature. Large walkway volumes and clerestory windows allow plenty of natural light to flood the interior,
creating a bright and airy atmosphere that is both welcoming and comfortable.
The developers have taken great care to minimise the building's impact on the environment. In response to their brief, SVA International have created a retail space which embraces renewable energy sources and eco-friendly materials, thereby boosting the building's green credentials.

Newmarket Lifestyle Centre is where families and friends will come to enjoy top-quality shopping and leisure time, in a contemporary lifestyle centre designed for
ease, affordability and a pleasurable experience. Its enticing tenant mix, which includes large speciality stores not currently represented in the node, will underpin Newmarket Precinct as a one-stop destination for the larger Alberton and Ekurhuleni areas.


The lifestyle centre’s design is a tribute to the rich history of the area and a nod to the iconic racecourse which originally stood in its place. It is destined to be a
sensitively designed and inspired addition to the retail landscape of Alberton and surrounds.

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